Friday, July 27, 2007

Which is more important? Quality Content or SEO ?

Many people consider SEO for bringing high volumes amount of traffic from Google, Yahoo or other Search engines to the websites or blogs. But the important thing which we forget sometimes is that it is the content which makes the user come back again and again.

Let us take an example, Why do we Google many times a day, when there are hundreds of Search Engines present there. The reason is we consider them to bring to us best results for our Search Term, the Search Engine results are edited by humans also. Combination of man and machine brings to Us more desirable results which we might look for.

So to become a successful blog or website, one should keep in mind that he/she should always be original and try to have good quality content on our website and blogs. We should always try to present the visitor with some quality content or services for which he/she might look for and come back in future. Search Engine might force users to come to blog or websites once or twice but until the user decides that the website is worth it, not even Search Engines can force it.

Having a Good readership is very important for a successful blog without it, it might not be successful.


malawika said...

Strong content is universally valued. It’s hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long-term referral traffic.