Friday, August 17, 2007

Google's Link Guidelines for Webmasters

Some of the Guidelines for webmasters laid down by Google state the ranking procedure is partly affected by the quality and quality of the websites linking. Although, Google forbids use of excessive linking and techniques which can boost the Page rank of the websites.

Some of the actions which violate Google's terms are:

  • Linking to manipulate Google page rank.
  • Linking to bad neighbourhood or spammers.
  • Links from irrelevant websites.
  • Buying or selling links.
  • Excessive linking.
Its not always the number the links to the website that matters the quality does matter a lot and relevancy should be there for getting high search engine rankings.

Google lays down in their policy that the webmaster should always focus on unique and genuine content which will eventually will be spidered and indexed by Google and would be given preference over repeated or copied content. Also,submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific expert sites.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 traffic techniques for webmasters and bloggers

1. Write and submit articles . It is a classic, but it works. This will be indefinite traffic stuck in the search engines for you. Write quality unique articles, not articles that are rehashed or provide no insight to readers, which is a huge problem these days.

2. Write and submit press releases, think prweb after you do one.

3. Write and ping blog entries. Always make sure to link back to your website with your blog posts. Try making multiple blogs and have them all link to one main site.

4. Make sure your website is listed in DMOZ:

5.Comment on other related blogs.

6.Write good content, if your writing is good then people will share it with their friends. In addition, webmasters will use it as content on their website with a reference back to your article, or at least they should.

7.Spark emotions. If you get people emotional about something then they will more people are
likely talk about it.

8.Place appropriate keywords in your anchor text when linking.

9.Do your research and find expensive niches to tap into. A good way to do this is to find how expensive someone is paying for a keyword on a PPC search engine. If you can sell items that are more expensive more often then it is a quicker way to get rich.

10.Stay up to date on what is going on in the world, you can monetize off hot topic trends.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Google Adsense..... work your way to make CASH

You have posted several posts on your blog and you say you are ready for Google Adsense. You can click on Template and then click on Add a Page Element and scroll down where it says ADSENSE. Click on ADD TO BLOG.
If you have not yet set up a Google Account, you will be given the opportunity to set it up.When you are adding Google Adsense to your blog, there are some things you should know. Location is one of the main keys to making money with Google Adsense.
I have found the best location to be right at the top of the page, or a banner ad. You also want to make it blend to your template where it does not stick out like a sore thumb. Make it look like it is part of your blog and not an addition.Another key you should know.
NEVER, NEVER, click on your own ads. You will not only not be paid for this, it could actually get you kicked out of Adsense. Also, do not bring mention to it in your blog. Like, click on the ads at the top of my page. This is not allowed. Do not try to defraud Google Adsense in ANY way!
It is a GREAT way to make extra money from your blog so do not ruin it, you will not be given a second chance. Many have tried to buck the system by having friends click on ads and any other trick you could think of. Well, Google tracks the IP address that the click generation originated from, so can tell if they and the advertiser are receiving click fraud.
Add Google Adsense to your blog and forget about it. You can log into your account to check your daily activity, but dont get obsessed about it. You will make money if you write quality content and get traffic to your site, period!

Get traffic from forums and better Search Engine Rankings

One of the easiest and powerful way to get traffic is from forums which hundreds of people visit everyday. Active participation does help in bringing traffic. People should have their website address below their profile in the forums and the more replies and questions they post in the forum, more the chances of their website being exposed to people. Forums are easily spidered by Google bots and if you have websites in the forums, you have got more chances of higher search engines rankings from before.
The easiest way to find forums related to your niche:
  • Go to
  • Put "Your keyword" forums or forum "Your keyword". Remember "in,was,is...." is mostly excluded from the query by Google.
  • Your will get a large list of website in Google related to niche.
  • Now participate actively and get better search engine rankings and traffic from forums.