Saturday, June 16, 2007

Promoting Blog

If you have adsense on your blog,there are whole range of things that you can do to promote your blog.Promoting your blog means more traffic which will lead to more cash.
The first thing which you should do is to set your blog to ping covers all in pinging service that covers most of large blog directories and search engines.On Blogger,you can find this in your setting and on other blog site like moveable or typepad they have similar options for pinging the websites.
You should also set up RSS feed for people know when you update.You can also now place ads on your feeds,it will also keep your regular users coming back to see more ads and to see your latest blog entries.
Instead of linking to the previous month's or the previous weeks posts,each page should also have it own link.One link per entry means more pages for ads,better link from external sites and higher search engine rankings.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Guides to Blogging.

Tips for good blogging.The thing to keep in mind while blogging is that the font of posts on the blog should be easily readable and clear.The blogger should keep in mind that it is more strenuous to read from a computer screen than from a page.The font should be easily readible and the background of the blog or webpage should have colour that does not mix with the font's colour.A tip or two can be taken from the marketing mails that seldom divert from the 12-pt. font because it is easy to read.

On point of availability,there are some fonts that are not generally available on the readers computer then the default font from the browser will be substituted and this may not look the way you may intent to,but as far as bloggers and wordpress blogs are concerned they use the standard fonts which are easily available on the browsers.
You should also break up long passages of text into shorter paragraphs and sentences.Long paragraphs without much 'blank space' are discouraging to read.Leave that for the sections of your website that you think is of less importance that the others.
Another point to keep in mind is that your website background image should not compete with your foreground material.In most cases a plain white text background would serve you the best.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Increase traffic tips

Write articles to get traffic.
Writing articles is an easy way to get quality traffic for your website or to increase the exposure of your website.After writing articles,you will have to submit those articles to articles websites.

If your article is well written and informative, most E-zine publishers will be add it to their websites and soon you will be driving traffic to your websites and now because you have added your website address and your email address below it.Soon you will be able to see traffic reaching your websites.

Link Exchange for more traffic

If you have a web site, you'll need to set up a reciprocal link page, and trade links with sites that are of similar interest with yours. Write the webmaster a personalized and nice letter, tell him/her about your own website, and ask for a reciprocal link.You can lose visitors by having their link on your site (they will leave any way!) but you'll win visitors from your link on their site!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Increase Adsense Earnings!

Benefits of Text ads over Image ads:
  • Text Ads blends with the content of your website giving you the content look whereas the image ads wouldn't give you that flexiblity with the image ads and you would not be able change its looks.
  • People hate banners avoid banners at sight.
  • You can squeeze more number of text ads than image ads in the same space.

The Better ads formats

  • The large Rectangle-336*280
  • The medium Rectangle-300*250