Thursday, June 28, 2007

Drive your visitors away!!!! HOW??

Its takes a lot to attract visitors but to drive them away there are many ways to do so,One of the best ways to drive visitors away from your site is by having a site that is painfully slow. Some of the things that can slow a website down are:

  • Graphic images that are improperly applied.
  • Faulty scripts and programs improperly applied.
  • Web-host operating with slow equipment.
  • Animation or sound files improperly applied.

When you work hard to attract visitors, the last thing you want to be doing is spoiling their experience with a slow website. Build your site according to the latest modem speed and computer viewing statistics. You should take all types of visitors in consideration , it is one of the valuable thing which makes a better website. You should always keep in mind that what looks fast on your computer can be irritably slow on other computer.

Adwords powerful expressions that sell more

A list of words,terms and phrases that can help you to earn more with Google Adwords.A list of concise and successful Adwords ads.
A list of high CTR adwords words.
  • 5 reasons for __!
  • 5 tips for __!
  • 10 ways to __!
  • 9 reasons for __!
  • About __ offers!
  • Access!
  • All sizes!
  • All models!
  • All-purpose!
  • All-info!
  • Alternative to __!
  • An answer to your dreams!
  • Amazing offer!
  • Ask us!
  • Admirable
  • Available immediately!
  • Available Now!
  • Access available!

All of the keywords contain "!" mark which seems to be one of the important signs which attarct visitors.These were keywords starting from numbers and "A" more Coming Soon.......

Adwords How many keywords are necessary?

If you are running a Google Adwords campaign,you must have thought How many keywords should be there to be successful with Google Adwords? Are 150 keywords enough?
You can have as many number of keywords as you want,but the most important point is what you do with those with those keywords.Keyword that belong to the same idea are grouped into single Ad Group.In other words,an Ad group corresponds to a keyword idea and can contain 5 or even 100 keywords.
Organizing keywords from the same idea into an Ad group has two advantages.
  • First of all,for me Ad Groups share the same maximum CPC,since any finer control is time consuming and the return is minimal.
  • Secondly,Ad groups can also be used as Ad test to see which group is better than the other one.It also simplifies managing hundreds or thousands of keywords.

So what constitutes a large campaign? Some might say 10 or people who spend thousands of dollars on Advertising might say 500.It truly depends on you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tag and Ping eXplained

What is Tag and Ping?
  • One marketing techniques that most of the Adsense publishers cherished.This technique brought a fresh stream of technique to their websites from the heavy traffic bookmarking techniques.A tag is basically a keyword. It is a label that you categorize a website under. For example if I was tagging this website, I would tag it under “tag and ping”, “tag”, “ping” etc.

  • Tag is same as giving your website a name and telling the bookmarking sites that you sites name is "Tag and Ping" and when some searches for the term, "Tag and Ping " he would have a chance to get exposed to your website.Ping means to tell the websites to add your site names "Tag and Ping" to their list of bookmarked websites or if already added then it means that you have added new content to your website.This whole process is called Tag and Ping.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Increase CTR in Google Adwords

You can enter so-called "NEGATIVE" keywords in Google Adwords.

  • When an Internet user enters one of your negative keyword in the search box,then your ads would not be displayed.For example if you enter "free" as your negative keyword then if the user's search consists of subscribe then the user will be not be seeing your ads because it consists of the negative keyword.

  • Negative keywords are are an excellent tool for excluding Internet users looking for free items only.

  • You can also use ads for targeting only specific groups.

  • An car seller might want to exclude people who are looking for books on cars.He can use "book" or "books" as negative keywords.

Never Pay for High Paying Keywords ....Find your own

For a long a long time in my Adsense career,I have seen people buying and selling High paying keywords.Most of those keywords do not even pay you much now.Most of them are history.I tried to do a simple experiment to make a blog around a keyword that I didn't know was high paying.I made a blogger blog around it and to my amazement,I found out that the new keyword which I found out was paying me more than all other blogs.The steps involved to find out the high paying keyword are:

  • Download one keyword research tool.In my case I used keyword digger which you can easily download from the Internet.
  • Take a niche around which you want to build your website.Lets say for example Cars.
  • The term which would be most search would come on top with the number of searches.
  • The most search term which is on top is your HIGH PAYING KEYWORD.

So ,you must be wondering How did I find out this.Lets assume I have some experience of Google Adwords too.If you are an Adsense advertiser,then choosing the high searched keyword would cost you more than the other keywords.So If the Adword guys are paying more to set their Ads on Adsense then the share which you would get as an Adsense Publisher would surely be more.So what are you waiting for Go and Get your High paying keyword,Don't buy those old low paying keywords.