Saturday, June 23, 2007

Creating SEO targetted posts

The post on your blog should have some of the basics for ranking well in the search engines:
  • Your posts should contain about 5-8% keywords .Embedding keywords into a piece of text so that it does not look like search engine spamming. The keyword density in each of the text you post should be at least 3%, at most 8%.
  • Highlight,underlining or bolding important are not only good for viewers but also for search engines.
  • Using meta-tags and H1 tags enhance your ranks.
  • Keeping your mail on the websites so that the webmasters can contact you for link exchange.One thing which you should keep in mind is that you should always check whether it is indexed in Google or Yahoo and if its not then you should make sure the website was not blacklisted for any reason because your site linking to the other site might can also put your website into trouble.
  • Always ask webmasters to give you backlinks for the keyword that you are targetting in the Search Engines rather than giving out the whole address.Google does count the word by which you are getting the backlinks.

PPA (pay-per-action) Vs PPC(pay-per-click)

You can ask users to Click on PPA ads.
  • Unlike the PPC guidelines which forbids you to click on your ads,the webmaster can ask user to click PPA ads.PPA(Pay Per Action) is counted when the user you have referred takes some action,like in case of Google Adsense,the all the conversions are tracked.When the user you have refered downloads a Google pack or downloads Firefox or registers him/herself to Adsense or Adwords,you get paid.The user's conversion is counted and you get paid,when he/she takes some action.PPA is (you get paid when users act).

PPA(pay-per-action) is safer than PPC(pay-per-click)

  • Unlike,PPC where you have sometimes worry about the invalid clicks which generate from somewhere.In PPA's case you do not have to worry about it at all,you can ask your friends family or any one you know to download,register or subscribe to something.Although pay-per-action is safer,but as visitors are concerned the users would not love to do some action until they think its really important or useful to them.
Its now upto you to decide which one you think is more beneficial for you and your site?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hoping to be a 6 figure Blogger?

If you are a new Blogger hoping to be one of the professional Bloggers like problogger or John Chow or any one in the problogging category.The first things you might thought about them is that how can they make such substantial amount money usings their sites or blogs.The answer to reaching your goal of problogging is not to put all of the revenue making streams that are present on the Internet on your website all at once so that you can make as much as them or using unethical techniques to reach your goal,those techniques might earn you some cash but after sometime you might land into trouble.
  • The answer to this would be that you should use only few of lot revenue streams out there to start with.Implementing all of them at once would not help you reach anywhere.You might just land up nowhere.
  • The users like a plain lay-out,easy interface and simple language,as the disco age is over you should focus on building a strong relationship with the visitors using Quality content not through your design of your website.As you must have seen the sucessful bloggers use simple lay-outs.
Remember they also started with zero traffic when they made their websites,they worked hard and might have gone through difficult times.There is no short-cut to success.What you put in is what you get,those bloggers have gained the trust and faith of the people not through the colours they use but through the content they write.So be Original and keep working hard you will reach you Goal of your life.

Increase visibility through forums

One of most of the most ancient techniques of generating traffic.Although posting to forums and looking might be the keyword for professional blogger,but for those who are looking out for traffic and help from similar bloggers this might be a good way to connect to people.

Recently I stepped onto a website forum dedicated for bloggers looking for advice and traffic from each other.The key features of the website are:

  • Mostly people owning blogger blogs asked other users in forum about their blogs and what they could do to better its look.
  • Link exchange was one of the most stunning factors in one of the posts which provided more backlinks to the user and also increasing chances of better Search Engine Ranking in Google,Yahoo and such others.
  • Making a community which would help each other,so as to increase the revenues and giving more visibilty to each other's blog.

Blogger Forum

Better Traffic Conversion into Sales

Sticking to the Content is One of the most important commandment while trying to do sales with people.IS your website about Cars ? Then delivering users with information about Search Engine Optimization wouldn't be greeted by them.
  • Delivering what you have promised to them should be utmost priority.Always remember,Be RELEVANT.All links in your site should be connected to the product in one way or the other and in no way should be off-track.All your hyperlinks should deliver what they have promised.What does this mean?
  • If a visitor clicks on your 'About US' link,he expects to see a page describing what you are about-Here it may be a good chance to show off because he asked for it.He would not like to see a 'BUY NOW' page or worse a page taking him to another web page.Being straight to visitor is important.
Asking for Feed backs by the visitors , opinions ,vote , surveys and other things which involve users in the websites allow user to stay a little longer on the website, which might increase your website product to the users resulting into a sale.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Publishers complaining about nosediving adsense income

Few of the webmasters that had some substantial income with adsense have complained of nosediving adsense income.
Some complains regarding income are:
  • Decrease in ecpm of the ads shown on the websites even though the CTR stays the same.
  • Some say that their earnings per click have come down drastically from the last previous days across different websites,even though traffic stays the same.
  • The traffic has been the same more or less,but less earnings.
  • Few have complained that there are clicks that have resulted into nothing.

The webmasters in the forums of and have posted some threads regarding their earnings take nosedive.May this downfall in the earnings have come due to Google decision to take down MFA(made-for-adsense) websites.Although there is no official news from Google confirming this.

But does this mean that the publishers should now start looking at some more options other than Adsense that are available over there?

New study: which web page elements lead to high Google rankings?

The German company Sistrix analyzed the web page elements of top ranked pages in Google to find out which elements lead to high Google rankings. They analyzed 10,000 random keywords, and for every keyword, they analyzed the top 100 Google search results.
Which web page elements lead to high Google rankings?

Sistrix analyzed the influence of the following web page elements: web page title, web page body, headline tags, bold and strong tags, image file names, images alt text, domain name, path, parameters, file size, inbound links and PageRank.
  • Keywords in the title tag seem to be important for high rankings on Google. It is also important that the targeted keywords are mentioned in the body tag, although the title tag seems to be more important.
  • Keywords in H2-H6 headline tags seem to have an influence on the rankings while keywords in H1 headline tags don't seem to have an effect.
  • Using keywords in bold or strong tags seems to have a slight effect on the top rankings. Web pages that used the keywords in image file names often had higher rankings. The same seems to be true for keywords in image alt attributes.
  • Websites that use the targeted keyword in the domain name often had high rankings. It might be that these sites get many inbound links with the domain name as the link text.
  • Keywords in the file path don't seem to have a positive effect on the Google rankings of the analyzed web sites. Web pages that use very few parameters in the URL (?id=123, etc.) or no parameters at all tend to get higher rankings than URLs that contain many parameters.
  • The file size doesn't seem to influence the ranking of a web page on Google although smaller sites tend to have slightly higher rankings.
    It's no surprise that the number of inbound links and the PageRank had a large influence on the page rankings on Google. The top result on Google has usually about four times as many links as result number 11.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Google changes its algorithm

The article lists a concrete example why Google could change its algorithm:

"Recently, a search for 'French Revolution' returned too many sites about the recent French presidential election campaign — in which candidates opined on various policy revolutions — rather than the ouster of King Louis XVI.

A search-engine tweak gave more weight to pages with phrases like 'French Revolution' rather than pages that simply had both words."
If you want to get high rankings on Google, it's important to know whether you should use your keywords as a phrase or as separate words on your web pages. This can be different for different keywords.

Insider information about Google's ranking algorithm

The New York Times has recently published an article about Amit Singhal.
Amit Singhal is in charge of Google's ranking algorithm. The interview reveals some interesting facts about Google's ranking algorithm.

Google knows that its algorithm is not perfect

"Tweaking and quality control involve a balancing act. 'You make a change, and it affects some queries positively and others negatively,” [...] 'You can’t only launch things that are 100 percent positive.'"

"[...] Any of Google’s 10,000 employees can use its 'Buganizer' system to report a search problem, and about 100 times a day they do."

Google ranking tips from a Google employee

Google's Matt Cutts had a Q&A on the SearchMarketingExpo in Seattle. Here's a summary of the most important statements:
Google's supplemental index

Pages in Google's supplemental results are parsed differently than pages in the regular index. Pages from the supplemental results can get into the main index. According to Matt Cutts, phrase relationships are handled a bit differently for supplemental pages. He didn't reveal details.

Webmasters shouldn't be worried if they have pages in the supplemental index. Matt Cutts has hundreds of his own pages in the supplemental index.
Paid links

Google considers buying links to be outside of their guidelines and they might take strong actions against that in the future. Matt Cutts indicated that "Google might take action" if webmasters buy links anyway.

Outbound links
Matt Cutts said that links to other websites are good for users, and therefore good for search engines.
The impact of spammy domains that are owned by the same person

Matt Cutts indicated that a webmaster who owns many spammy websites might get trouble with his other websites.

Catalog pages and online store search result pages
Google tries to avoid online store result pages in its own result pages. If an online store search result page looks like search results that are available anywhere else, then Google doesn't like the page. It's much better if it has unique content.

Category pages in online shops work better according to Matt Cutts. However, a product should only be listed in the best-applicable category instead of being listed in 30 different locations.

Matt Cutts recommended to analyze the web pages that currently have high rankings because webmasters can learn from them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Having tons of in-bound links will automatically rank your site very well? NO

Tons of in-bound links will only rank your site well if those links contain the keywords that you want to rank for.You might have thought that,if you get thousands back links for your site which contains skydiving from sites about mortgage then you will rank high in search engines.Having thousands of people with links that do not contain your keywords will help a little, but quality links that contain the keywords (or better yet, where the link text is the exact keywords) are much more valuable. That means you need lot less links to rank well.

The number of results returned for the “link:” command in a search engine is the number of links that the search engine actually counts toward the ranking of the page? NO

Most of the links are considered “duplicate” links by search engines. This usually happens when one domain has a link on every page of its site that points to the ranking page.That domain may have 500 pages, and so there might be 500 links pointing to the ranking page, so search engines omit those types of links . Search engines only actually counts a few of those links (or maybe even just one) toward the ranking of the page.
So what you may have thought was really serious competition turns out to be much more moderate. So you can now easily compete with pages which have many thousands backlinks beacuse you know that there are only few which count.