Saturday, June 9, 2007

How do Search Engines Work?

When talking about the search engine giants like Google,Yahoo or any other search engine.There would be some questions in user's minds like how do these engines select the websites when a particular term is searched for.Search Engine send out electronic spiders from time to time that store the website's information in their index and sort them out according to their own algorithm.Different search engines use different algorithm for ranking of the webpages and indexing.
When a particular term is searched,they look into the website's meta-tags,page titles and the content of the website.
However the ranking of the websites is not affected by the looks of the websites.They rank it according to the numbers links and many other factors.

They are one way of getting traffic, but not the only way. Avoid submitting duplicate pages, heavy word repetition and using hidden text. Ensure that your web pages have not been dropped from the index -which can happen naturally.However,if your website is blacklisted by the search engines then it would not be shown anywhere on the search results.So do take care
even after your websites have been submitted and check your ranking regularly.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Website Optimization Method Explained

Talking about website optimization,there are two factors which should be looked into when optimizing a webpage for Google,Yahoo or any other search engine.When ranking your website for the search results,the search engine usually look for off-page and on-page factors:

Off-Page Optimization:

It consists of factors not present on your website that affect your search engine rankings, mostly,the number of inbound links that your website is getting from the other websites present in the search engine.The more the number of inbound links to your website the better will be your ranking in the search engines.Now,there is a catch,this does not mean that if your website consists of information about cars,then getting links from websites that have astronomy as their content would do you any good.Similar niche backlinks are required.Now whom should you ask for links and whom to avoid.If you are going for optimization on Google then you should check the PR(page rank) of the website before asking for back links.
Now how would you do that?
For doing this you can either install google toolbar from and check the page rank from the toolbar or if you want to avoid downloading then you can go to for PR of any website.

On-Page Optimization:

It is the things that you can do to your website to get it to rank higher.

  • Check whether your domain name contains the keyword that you are targeting.
  • The keyword density should be around 3-5%.It should have a good density of keywords,but don't try make a website which comprises of keywords only.Extra usage of keywords could also harm your results on Google.
  • Make sure your website contains meta-tags consisting of keywords which you are targeting.
  • Make the very first text on the page the keywords in an H1(header) tag.
The factors above should help you in achieving better results.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Adsense Vocabulary Explained

If you have an adsense account or visited websites related to adsense, you might have seen many terms that you felt were alien's language.The first time when I got my myself into it,the same happened to me.

Here are some of the terms used with adsense :

1.Page Impression:

When someone loads your website or blog into their browser,its counted as one page impression.The same might apply if he/she looks at 10 pages of your website,that will be counted as 10 page impression.So,basically its how many times your website has been loaded into the users web-browsers.If the same person reloads one of your page 10 times,that will still be counted as 10 page impression.

2.Page CTR:

CTR means "Click Through Rate".Its the ratio of page impressions to the number of times the adsense ads were clicked on your website.So if someone has 3000 page impressions and 300 clicks then the CTR would be (300/3000)*100 that would be 10 percent,simple maths isn't it.

3.Page eCPM

eCPM stand for "effective cost per millie"."Millie" means thousand.In simple words the term eCPM would mean cost per thousand impressions.eCPM would be the sum that advertiser is
paying when their ads gets 1000 page impressions.Lets take an example,if any site has an eCPM of $60,this means that the advertiser is paying $60 for every 1000 page impressions.


It stands for "earnings per click".Its the value that you earn resulting from each click on the adsense ads on your site.


By default,all of your page impressions and clicks are counted as a whole and no stats are provided regarding the earnings of the individual sites that have adsense ads on them.So to counter this problem Google provides a way to overcome this,by allowing you to ad your site to channels,so that the individual stats of the site,such page page impressions,eCPM,CTR and earnings can be calculated.Till now Google provides only 200 such channels for each adsense account.

Inside Adwords:How are display positions determined?

You would have thought for getting to the top of Ads,you would have to shell out the most among the advertisers advertising on the website or on the Google search results.However,Google uses a system that also takes into account the relevance of the ad for the respective search.

The position of your Adwords ad depends on two factors:

1.How much is the maximum cost-per-click for the keyword.

2.How many Internet users have clicked on your ads previously.

In technical terms,it means Google's placement of your ads is a combination of its maximum CPC and the clickthrough rate.CPC=cost per click.The higher your CPC or your clickthrough rate,the higher your adword's ad will be shown.

This system also ensures that Internet users always see ads that are relevant to their search and not just ads from people having the high CPC.This ensures that Adwords advertisers are on a common ground,when advertising with Google.There is constant change in the placements of the ads on Google depending on how many users are clicking on the ads and what is the maximum CPC that are the advertisers are willing to pay.The position of the ads change various times during the day so keeping an eye on your ad's position would be such a bad idea.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

What is google adwords & google adsense?

Before entering into any detail about Google Adsense lets talk about Google Adwords.Adwords are those ads which appear on the right hand side or sometimes even on top of the search results of when you do a search at pay to have their ads shown to the people when they search for the keywords they want to target.
Lets take an example,if somebody is selling story books,they would tell Google to show their ads when somebody searches for "story books" or "novels" or any other relevant search.Then the advertisers choose how they are willing to pay every time somebody clicks on their ads.Adwords has exploded the potential of a seller to sell their products to the customers anywhere.Google wanted to find more ways to earn money from these advertisers,and this was the mother of another great success for Google:Google Adsense.Before the birth of Adsense,Google did not have enough space on the results page to show their advertiser's ads on it.So instead of the "story book"seller only having his ads shown on Google.They follow another idea of text related advertising i.e. the advertisers ads are shown on websites which are related to story books,like "educational books" or "novels".Every time the somebody clicks on any of those ads,the webmaster whose site the ad is on gets a percentage of the click value,though google has never stated anywhere the what is the exact percentage,it is believed to be more the half of what the advertisers are willing to pay.
In a nutshell Google Adsense is:you drop some javascript code on your website or blog,Google figures out what ads to show,and when people click on these ads you get you share of money.
Once a month google will either send you a check or make a direct deposit into your bank account for the money that you have in the prior month as long as you have earned more than one hundred US dollars(100$).Adsense also implements pay per impression technology,apart from its pay per click technology.While that might be alternating per impression and per click,be assured that Google is trying to get you maximum profits as google gets a hefty percent of your success.