Sunday, August 12, 2007

Get traffic from forums and better Search Engine Rankings

One of the easiest and powerful way to get traffic is from forums which hundreds of people visit everyday. Active participation does help in bringing traffic. People should have their website address below their profile in the forums and the more replies and questions they post in the forum, more the chances of their website being exposed to people. Forums are easily spidered by Google bots and if you have websites in the forums, you have got more chances of higher search engines rankings from before.
The easiest way to find forums related to your niche:
  • Go to
  • Put "Your keyword" forums or forum "Your keyword". Remember "in,was,is...." is mostly excluded from the query by Google.
  • Your will get a large list of website in Google related to niche.
  • Now participate actively and get better search engine rankings and traffic from forums.