Thursday, June 14, 2007

Guides to Blogging.

Tips for good blogging.The thing to keep in mind while blogging is that the font of posts on the blog should be easily readable and clear.The blogger should keep in mind that it is more strenuous to read from a computer screen than from a page.The font should be easily readible and the background of the blog or webpage should have colour that does not mix with the font's colour.A tip or two can be taken from the marketing mails that seldom divert from the 12-pt. font because it is easy to read.

On point of availability,there are some fonts that are not generally available on the readers computer then the default font from the browser will be substituted and this may not look the way you may intent to,but as far as bloggers and wordpress blogs are concerned they use the standard fonts which are easily available on the browsers.
You should also break up long passages of text into shorter paragraphs and sentences.Long paragraphs without much 'blank space' are discouraging to read.Leave that for the sections of your website that you think is of less importance that the others.
Another point to keep in mind is that your website background image should not compete with your foreground material.In most cases a plain white text background would serve you the best.