Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Increase traffic tips

Write articles to get traffic.
Writing articles is an easy way to get quality traffic for your website or to increase the exposure of your website.After writing articles,you will have to submit those articles to articles websites.

If your article is well written and informative, most E-zine publishers will be add it to their websites and soon you will be driving traffic to your websites and now because you have added your website address and your email address below it.Soon you will be able to see traffic reaching your websites.

Link Exchange for more traffic

If you have a web site, you'll need to set up a reciprocal link page, and trade links with sites that are of similar interest with yours. Write the webmaster a personalized and nice letter, tell him/her about your own website, and ask for a reciprocal link.You can lose visitors by having their link on your site (they will leave any way!) but you'll win visitors from your link on their site!