Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Internal Linking for Blogs

Going for SEO (Search Engine Optimization),so that your blogs or websites rank higher.Most of you must have heard or known that getting backlinks from similar content websites does help to rank higher.

But do you take care of the internal linking also?What is Internal linking?

Internal Linking helps all your pages to get indexed in the search engines.When a website or a blog has hundreds or even thousands of pages,its not easy for the search bots to find and index all of your pages in the search engines.

To help out spiders index your pages easily you need to do internal linking such that all your pages are linked to the main page and the sitemap,if you have one.With the same keyword as your title.

I will take an example to make it easy,for that I will take my blog.I would place my blog's name in the link section with the anchor text "Learning Thinking Earning-Adsense advertising & SEO".

In case of blogger you easily make it by adding it through my link.But for blogs on other platform or even websites I would use Learning Thinking Earning-Adsense advertising & SEO.

This would links all posts on different pages with my blog,so when spiders come to my blog they easily spider and index my different blog's pages which without internal might have been difficult or might have taken more time.