Thursday, July 12, 2007

Search Engine Bascis

When you type in any query in a search engine, the engine does a search in the database for best possible result for your query and it ranks the different possible answers according to its algorithm so you can get the best possible result. How those web pages get into the database, and consequently, how you can get yours in there too, is a three-step process:

  1. A search engine visits a site with an automated program called a spider (sometimes called a robot). A spider is just a program similar to a web browser that downloads a site's pages. It doesn't actually display the page anywhere; it just downloads the page data.

  2. After the spider has acquired the page, the search engine passes the page to a program called an indexer, which is another robotic program that extracts most of the visible portions of the page. The indexer also analyzes the page for keywords, the title, links, and other important information contained in the code.

  3. The search engine adds your site to its database and makes it available to searchers. The greatest difference between search engines is in this final step where ranking or result position under a particular keyword is determined.


Matthias Köbrich said...

thanks for your comment.
i added you to my "interesting links" section. let me know if you did so too.
nice idea for a blog. lots of helpful information. i hope i can get this seo-thing work.

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