Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Keyword optimization: precaution to be taken

When optimizing your blog or website for Google, you should also check for over optimization of your blog or website with the keyword for which you are targetting Google.

Google can ban you for over stuffing your website with keywords and which will result in your website being delisted from Google consequently leading to loss of valuable visitors for your website. When writing content for website you should make it for people and then go for Search Engine optimization by checking the keyword density of the content, which should be around 3-5 percent.

People sometimes try to fool spiders by stuffing website with keywords and assuming there website might result on top of the Google results, which would be day dreaming.

People should try to avoid using techniques in which keywords are hidden for ordinary users on the website and only visible to spiders by using same text and background colours which ultimately result in invisible text, visible only when that portion of the website is selected.


Don Simkovich said...

Keywords seems like a simple concept. However, it also confuses me . . . I'll try and articulate my thoughts and leave a post on it later. Hopefully, it could spark a discussion on your blog.

JesseTheCat said...

Keywords confuse me too, thats why I hope Andy will compile a little post to put up on my blog for newbie bloggers to get a better idea.. :)

RichardSmith said...

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John said...

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