Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Adsense Vocabulary Explained

If you have an adsense account or visited websites related to adsense, you might have seen many terms that you felt were alien's language.The first time when I got my myself into it,the same happened to me.

Here are some of the terms used with adsense :

1.Page Impression:

When someone loads your website or blog into their browser,its counted as one page impression.The same might apply if he/she looks at 10 pages of your website,that will be counted as 10 page impression.So,basically its how many times your website has been loaded into the users web-browsers.If the same person reloads one of your page 10 times,that will still be counted as 10 page impression.

2.Page CTR:

CTR means "Click Through Rate".Its the ratio of page impressions to the number of times the adsense ads were clicked on your website.So if someone has 3000 page impressions and 300 clicks then the CTR would be (300/3000)*100 that would be 10 percent,simple maths isn't it.

3.Page eCPM

eCPM stand for "effective cost per millie"."Millie" means thousand.In simple words the term eCPM would mean cost per thousand impressions.eCPM would be the sum that advertiser is
paying when their ads gets 1000 page impressions.Lets take an example,if any site has an eCPM of $60,this means that the advertiser is paying $60 for every 1000 page impressions.


It stands for "earnings per click".Its the value that you earn resulting from each click on the adsense ads on your site.


By default,all of your page impressions and clicks are counted as a whole and no stats are provided regarding the earnings of the individual sites that have adsense ads on them.So to counter this problem Google provides a way to overcome this,by allowing you to ad your site to channels,so that the individual stats of the site,such page page impressions,eCPM,CTR and earnings can be calculated.Till now Google provides only 200 such channels for each adsense account.