Sunday, June 3, 2007

What is google adwords & google adsense?

Before entering into any detail about Google Adsense lets talk about Google Adwords.Adwords are those ads which appear on the right hand side or sometimes even on top of the search results of when you do a search at pay to have their ads shown to the people when they search for the keywords they want to target.
Lets take an example,if somebody is selling story books,they would tell Google to show their ads when somebody searches for "story books" or "novels" or any other relevant search.Then the advertisers choose how they are willing to pay every time somebody clicks on their ads.Adwords has exploded the potential of a seller to sell their products to the customers anywhere.Google wanted to find more ways to earn money from these advertisers,and this was the mother of another great success for Google:Google Adsense.Before the birth of Adsense,Google did not have enough space on the results page to show their advertiser's ads on it.So instead of the "story book"seller only having his ads shown on Google.They follow another idea of text related advertising i.e. the advertisers ads are shown on websites which are related to story books,like "educational books" or "novels".Every time the somebody clicks on any of those ads,the webmaster whose site the ad is on gets a percentage of the click value,though google has never stated anywhere the what is the exact percentage,it is believed to be more the half of what the advertisers are willing to pay.
In a nutshell Google Adsense is:you drop some javascript code on your website or blog,Google figures out what ads to show,and when people click on these ads you get you share of money.
Once a month google will either send you a check or make a direct deposit into your bank account for the money that you have in the prior month as long as you have earned more than one hundred US dollars(100$).Adsense also implements pay per impression technology,apart from its pay per click technology.While that might be alternating per impression and per click,be assured that Google is trying to get you maximum profits as google gets a hefty percent of your success.