Saturday, June 9, 2007

How do Search Engines Work?

When talking about the search engine giants like Google,Yahoo or any other search engine.There would be some questions in user's minds like how do these engines select the websites when a particular term is searched for.Search Engine send out electronic spiders from time to time that store the website's information in their index and sort them out according to their own algorithm.Different search engines use different algorithm for ranking of the webpages and indexing.
When a particular term is searched,they look into the website's meta-tags,page titles and the content of the website.
However the ranking of the websites is not affected by the looks of the websites.They rank it according to the numbers links and many other factors.

They are one way of getting traffic, but not the only way. Avoid submitting duplicate pages, heavy word repetition and using hidden text. Ensure that your web pages have not been dropped from the index -which can happen naturally.However,if your website is blacklisted by the search engines then it would not be shown anywhere on the search results.So do take care
even after your websites have been submitted and check your ranking regularly.


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