Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Google content duplication penalty

Google's content duplication is applied by google when there there is duplication of content present on the website. It is applied when the same content is found on many different different website, this is done by google to prevent the websites from spamming google with the same content to attain high search engine rankings for any keyword.

Google does this to stop webmasters and bloggers to copy paste the same content from websites which have got original content website. Google might even delist the website from there index when there is lot of copied content from other websites. Spamming is one thing which Google does not like and they have got different techniques to prevent spamming.

Instead of copying content from website, webmasters and bloggers should create quality and unique content for their website which search engines love. Google loves quality and they will rank the content higher if its unique and useful. Google decreases the rank of the website when they find same content on different websites. People should be aware of this and this may result in loss of many quality visitors for their website.

Google relies on websites and bloggers which create content which are original. Many people in the past believed this was one way of getting high search engine rankings this worked for some time but as people got smarter so did Google so google started removing the website from their index. So now spamming Google with duplicate with useless and crappy copied content from other website would result in no traffic, so create genuine and useful timeless content and get high search engines rankings.


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