Sunday, August 5, 2007

Making money online through blogging ...Adsense or Affliate marketing

Many bloggers have made blogging a habit. They write what they like or know on their blog.
I been using Internet for the for the last four years, but I was into Adsense a year ago, which helped me take my first step towards making money online. I considered making money online was only a dream which was not going to come true but when I came to know about Google Adsense and how much people have gained through it without even working much with it, then it made me dive into the sea of online advertising by blogging and using blogs to promote affiliate products.
Although PPC like (adsense, bidvertiser,clicksor and many other companies) require page views and clicks to allow you make money, affiliate programs allow to share the revenue of the product or services offered.
Since both are based on completely different grounds I think PPC are more suitable for bloggers at an early stage till when the blogs gets hundreds or thousands visitors a day. Although both can be used simultaneously the latter require more time to succed than PPC which most of the bloggers consider at an early stage.
Google Adsense has been the undisputed champion of pay-per-click advertising by allowing blogger and webmasters to earn even thousands of dollars in a day. I consider Affliate marketing as a more professional advertising which depends lot on the product which you are trying to promote. The promotion needs much trusted website as people try ro avoid from links on blogs and they consider searching on Google,Yahoo or other trusted places which provide much more confidance into the buyer because of theor credibility.Clickbank and commision junction have been a great directories of digital products for affiliate marketers due to their vast variety of digital products and services.
So what do consider is a better option for making money online PPC or affiliate marketing?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think better go for PPC. Because PPC can be more flexible for bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

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sky said...

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Anonymous said...

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