Friday, August 10, 2007

Google Search Engine tips "unavailable_after" meta-tag

Google is soon going to introduce new kind of meta tags which will enable webmasters and bloggers to block the webpage from spidering after a certain date, which means if the website owner or the blogger does not want spider to spider the page then they will be able to do it. This is one of kind meta tag which will introduced by Google. I think its a awesome move to enhance the command of the webmasters with the Search engine.
The meta tag is 'unavailable_after'. This enables the webmaster to have an expiry date for crawlers and stop them to spider the website after certain period.
This would be beneficial if the website owner is having a contest till a particular date and after the date has passed they can now stop the crawlers from indexing. A move from google which should be welcomed and appreciated. Although they haven't introduced it till now but Google has plans to implement it in the near future.


Eu said...

It seems that the tag is live already. Maybe I misunderstood?