Thursday, January 10, 2008

BT Broadband Service

BT Total Broadband solutions provide different types of broadband solutions for customers according to their needs in UK. They provide services like wired and wireless broadband solutions with exceptionally high speed of 8 mbps. With features like online security,wired and wireless connectivity, this makes it one of the really good broadband service providers.
BT Total broadband supplier provides online storage space and round the clock support service which provides solution in case any problem occurs. This enhanced broadband service with high speed and security can easily capture your mind with the service that it offers.It has 3 different plans to cater to different needs of different customers.Their service also provides you with the necessary hardware for your broadband,so you do not have to go out looking for it and saves your precious time and money and with the Unlimited Plan you also get a phone for yourself.Broadband speed test is done to check the speed of broadband
  • The First Plan is wired broadband plan with free wired router,5 GB download limit.
  • The Second Plan is wireless broadband with wireless hub and 8 GB limit.
  • The Third Plan is wireless broadband with wireless hub and no download limit.
  • All the plans come with the added feature of Online Security.