Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tips for better Rankings

Few tips that work

1.Make sure to make proper meta keywords/descriptions on every page before driving traffic to it.

2. Make sure your ads stand out more in content NOT blend in, because if your content/meta info is properly added you will definitely get content relevant ads and well get a higher CTR.

3. Make sure you are careful about ad placement between content dont make it so that people click it by mistake and not that it was an actual relevant ad, that will not only get you a low ctr/cpc but also get you banned from adsense at some point.

4. Refrain from content already posted on other sites at all costs, use copyscape if you have doubts.

5. Last but not the least sites like Digg/Stumble upon may not be clickers but they sure do get you indexed, so do it for the pages


Marketer said...
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Marketer said...

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your wonderful tips. I hope this may help many people. Internet marketing has become such an competitive field, day by day the business is growing rapidly...

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