Monday, January 7, 2008

Now Get Paid with Smorty

Bloggers and website owners can now be very happy now because Smorty blog for money accepts new and old blogs and websites with not much requirement. There are no requirements for page rank,alexa rank or any factors but the website should be more than two months old and have unique content.The posts can easily be accepted because they are shown in the admin panel and the blogger or website owner can easily accept or reject the required task.The posts pay handsomely.
I submitted my blog felling a bit skeptical because the other players in the market do require a lot but as far as smorty was concerned they easily accepted my blog within one day and I was straightaway getting tasks in my admin panel.
The tasks are very good and add content to blog rather than looking odd. They pay every weekend,so no worrying about the threshold limit for getting paid which is very good for bloggers who do not earn very much.You can get paid by spending 5-10 minutes with handsome amount.Advertisers pay bloggers to write opinion about their website and link back to their website.
Bloggers get paid to advertise on their blogs and with the number on advertisers with smorty there is no problem in making good amount of money for spending few minutes writing on the blogs.