Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Get your site indexed faster with Google Search Engine

Ways to get Indexed faster with Google and other Search Engines.
1. Adsense
Use adsense ads on every page for the first week, it helps a lot in crawling, and to further speed this up go ahead and stumble it, get a lot of traffic coming in and when it does come in a lot
of queries will be sent to adsense for the ads you placed on the pages, which will help the pages get crawled faster.
2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Digg/Stumble/Delicious a page and within 24 hours without traffic or much buzz over your social bookmark,your page will be indexed but be careful not to bookmark too many pages then you might be spamming your serps.
3. Links
Get an immediate link from a high traffic website, cut a deal for a 1 week deal just to get indexed, its worth it.
4. Pings/Top sites
Well if you have a blog it already pings to many places so don't worry but do consider top sites like technorati,bloggeries,bidding directories and such places to add your site to be a part of the active webmaster community.