Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adwords How many keywords are necessary?

If you are running a Google Adwords campaign,you must have thought How many keywords should be there to be successful with Google Adwords? Are 150 keywords enough?
You can have as many number of keywords as you want,but the most important point is what you do with those with those keywords.Keyword that belong to the same idea are grouped into single Ad Group.In other words,an Ad group corresponds to a keyword idea and can contain 5 or even 100 keywords.
Organizing keywords from the same idea into an Ad group has two advantages.
  • First of all,for me Ad Groups share the same maximum CPC,since any finer control is time consuming and the return is minimal.
  • Secondly,Ad groups can also be used as Ad test to see which group is better than the other one.It also simplifies managing hundreds or thousands of keywords.

So what constitutes a large campaign? Some might say 10 or people who spend thousands of dollars on Advertising might say 500.It truly depends on you.