Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tag and Ping eXplained

What is Tag and Ping?
  • One marketing techniques that most of the Adsense publishers cherished.This technique brought a fresh stream of technique to their websites from the heavy traffic bookmarking techniques.A tag is basically a keyword. It is a label that you categorize a website under. For example if I was tagging this website, I would tag it under “tag and ping”, “tag”, “ping” etc.

  • Tag is same as giving your website a name and telling the bookmarking sites that you sites name is "Tag and Ping" and when some searches for the term, "Tag and Ping " he would have a chance to get exposed to your website.Ping means to tell the websites to add your site names "Tag and Ping" to their list of bookmarked websites or if already added then it means that you have added new content to your website.This whole process is called Tag and Ping.