Thursday, June 28, 2007

Drive your visitors away!!!! HOW??

Its takes a lot to attract visitors but to drive them away there are many ways to do so,One of the best ways to drive visitors away from your site is by having a site that is painfully slow. Some of the things that can slow a website down are:

  • Graphic images that are improperly applied.
  • Faulty scripts and programs improperly applied.
  • Web-host operating with slow equipment.
  • Animation or sound files improperly applied.

When you work hard to attract visitors, the last thing you want to be doing is spoiling their experience with a slow website. Build your site according to the latest modem speed and computer viewing statistics. You should take all types of visitors in consideration , it is one of the valuable thing which makes a better website. You should always keep in mind that what looks fast on your computer can be irritably slow on other computer.