Friday, June 22, 2007

Better Traffic Conversion into Sales

Sticking to the Content is One of the most important commandment while trying to do sales with people.IS your website about Cars ? Then delivering users with information about Search Engine Optimization wouldn't be greeted by them.
  • Delivering what you have promised to them should be utmost priority.Always remember,Be RELEVANT.All links in your site should be connected to the product in one way or the other and in no way should be off-track.All your hyperlinks should deliver what they have promised.What does this mean?
  • If a visitor clicks on your 'About US' link,he expects to see a page describing what you are about-Here it may be a good chance to show off because he asked for it.He would not like to see a 'BUY NOW' page or worse a page taking him to another web page.Being straight to visitor is important.
Asking for Feed backs by the visitors , opinions ,vote , surveys and other things which involve users in the websites allow user to stay a little longer on the website, which might increase your website product to the users resulting into a sale.