Friday, June 22, 2007

Hoping to be a 6 figure Blogger?

If you are a new Blogger hoping to be one of the professional Bloggers like problogger or John Chow or any one in the problogging category.The first things you might thought about them is that how can they make such substantial amount money usings their sites or blogs.The answer to reaching your goal of problogging is not to put all of the revenue making streams that are present on the Internet on your website all at once so that you can make as much as them or using unethical techniques to reach your goal,those techniques might earn you some cash but after sometime you might land into trouble.
  • The answer to this would be that you should use only few of lot revenue streams out there to start with.Implementing all of them at once would not help you reach anywhere.You might just land up nowhere.
  • The users like a plain lay-out,easy interface and simple language,as the disco age is over you should focus on building a strong relationship with the visitors using Quality content not through your design of your website.As you must have seen the sucessful bloggers use simple lay-outs.
Remember they also started with zero traffic when they made their websites,they worked hard and might have gone through difficult times.There is no short-cut to success.What you put in is what you get,those bloggers have gained the trust and faith of the people not through the colours they use but through the content they write.So be Original and keep working hard you will reach you Goal of your life.