Saturday, June 23, 2007

Creating SEO targetted posts

The post on your blog should have some of the basics for ranking well in the search engines:
  • Your posts should contain about 5-8% keywords .Embedding keywords into a piece of text so that it does not look like search engine spamming. The keyword density in each of the text you post should be at least 3%, at most 8%.
  • Highlight,underlining or bolding important are not only good for viewers but also for search engines.
  • Using meta-tags and H1 tags enhance your ranks.
  • Keeping your mail on the websites so that the webmasters can contact you for link exchange.One thing which you should keep in mind is that you should always check whether it is indexed in Google or Yahoo and if its not then you should make sure the website was not blacklisted for any reason because your site linking to the other site might can also put your website into trouble.
  • Always ask webmasters to give you backlinks for the keyword that you are targetting in the Search Engines rather than giving out the whole address.Google does count the word by which you are getting the backlinks.