Thursday, June 21, 2007

Publishers complaining about nosediving adsense income

Few of the webmasters that had some substantial income with adsense have complained of nosediving adsense income.
Some complains regarding income are:
  • Decrease in ecpm of the ads shown on the websites even though the CTR stays the same.
  • Some say that their earnings per click have come down drastically from the last previous days across different websites,even though traffic stays the same.
  • The traffic has been the same more or less,but less earnings.
  • Few have complained that there are clicks that have resulted into nothing.

The webmasters in the forums of and have posted some threads regarding their earnings take nosedive.May this downfall in the earnings have come due to Google decision to take down MFA(made-for-adsense) websites.Although there is no official news from Google confirming this.

But does this mean that the publishers should now start looking at some more options other than Adsense that are available over there?