Saturday, June 23, 2007

PPA (pay-per-action) Vs PPC(pay-per-click)

You can ask users to Click on PPA ads.
  • Unlike the PPC guidelines which forbids you to click on your ads,the webmaster can ask user to click PPA ads.PPA(Pay Per Action) is counted when the user you have referred takes some action,like in case of Google Adsense,the all the conversions are tracked.When the user you have refered downloads a Google pack or downloads Firefox or registers him/herself to Adsense or Adwords,you get paid.The user's conversion is counted and you get paid,when he/she takes some action.PPA is (you get paid when users act).

PPA(pay-per-action) is safer than PPC(pay-per-click)

  • Unlike,PPC where you have sometimes worry about the invalid clicks which generate from somewhere.In PPA's case you do not have to worry about it at all,you can ask your friends family or any one you know to download,register or subscribe to something.Although pay-per-action is safer,but as visitors are concerned the users would not love to do some action until they think its really important or useful to them.
Its now upto you to decide which one you think is more beneficial for you and your site?