Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Having tons of in-bound links will automatically rank your site very well? NO

Tons of in-bound links will only rank your site well if those links contain the keywords that you want to rank for.You might have thought that,if you get thousands back links for your site which contains skydiving from sites about mortgage then you will rank high in search engines.Having thousands of people with links that do not contain your keywords will help a little, but quality links that contain the keywords (or better yet, where the link text is the exact keywords) are much more valuable. That means you need lot less links to rank well.

The number of results returned for the “link:” command in a search engine is the number of links that the search engine actually counts toward the ranking of the page? NO

Most of the links are considered “duplicate” links by search engines. This usually happens when one domain has a link on every page of its site that points to the ranking page.That domain may have 500 pages, and so there might be 500 links pointing to the ranking page, so search engines omit those types of links . Search engines only actually counts a few of those links (or maybe even just one) toward the ranking of the page.
So what you may have thought was really serious competition turns out to be much more moderate. So you can now easily compete with pages which have many thousands backlinks beacuse you know that there are only few which count.


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