Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Backlinks from Different IP's more important....

Back links from different IP's are given much importance than back links from same IP,Google considers them much more important.Google introduced this into their algorithm to prevent users from creating blogs or sub-domains giving back links to their primary website,so that they rank well in the search engines.

Importance of Back links:

  • Back links get your sites indexed in the search engines,more the number of back links,lesser will be the time taken for the indexing.
  • Secondly,they will help you rank well in the search engines,also if they contain anchor text which you are targeting.
The methods to get back links are either you pay the website owners to give a link back to your websites.When you pay the webmasters to link back to your website then you dont have to give them back links.If you are considering the option of link swapping then you will have to link back to his website and in return he would link back to your's.