Saturday, July 7, 2007

Don't build MFA (made-for-adsense) websites

The easiest way to produce good stream of traffic is to write content which is timeless content.Content which people would like to read even after 10 years from now,which has some value or information.You might feel the more pages filled with adsense code you can throw out there or even in the search engines the better the chances that you might get six-figure income.If you are a single blogger,I do not think making hell lot of websites and throwing it here and there would earn you enough cash to leave your day job,it might pay for the popcorn you eat during the movies.

The few disadvantages of making MFA's are:
  • Termination of Adsense account.Google decided to rip down MFA's and there is also some element of fear that they might terminate those accounts which use MFA's only and have no genuine or useful content to provide the visitor.
  • You would not be able to able to achieve high search search engine rankings with those websites as they have not been worked upon considering SEO and no back links pointing at them,even if you inter linked those websites Google would give them much weightage because those would not be from different IP's and so Google is less considered about them.
  • Adsense would not pay you as much as they would pay for the same keyword to the other counterpart because they provide websites that are placed better in the search engines better high paying ads.
  • If you are making junk blogs with Blogger then you risk losing them all because they have been very quick in taking down weblogs with any value.