Thursday, July 5, 2007

Little things make big blogs.......

Have you ever heard the saying that little foxes the grapes?There are few little things that can make your blog from good to better,better to best.While content and layout would always be the key factors that rule the scene.

Some points that are worth noting while making a good blog are:

(a)Don't use a visible stat counter.Expect you want to show off how good or popular your blog is you should keep the stats of your website for your personal use only.A BIG number at the bottom of the website tries to show you are still living in the fantasy world.

(b)Make sure your blog content prints well.There are people who would like to print the good posts from your blogs.So providing an option for visitors to print your posts would not be such a bad idea.You may want to make a printable version of your website for such users.

(c)Make your website 'scannable'.The majority of the web surfers do a quick scan of your to find out that your blog is worth their precious time.This means that you should emphasize (through use of bold,coloured,underlined text,and appropriate heading) the key notes of your website.

(d)Avoid using large header graphics that steal the top fold of your website.Always try to present the visitor with most content possible at first glance.If the visitor sees a flashy banner,he might not be interested to scroll down and see other contents of your blog.The more you present the better the chances of visitor picking up something on your website and spending time there.


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