Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Word for Bloggers.....

Quitter Never Wins

Many people fail for one most prominent reason that's they give up.If adsense isn't a smashing success in a day or two people think its not working an Quit.

This kind of thinking would never ever make you successful.You should know the people who are six figure Adsense gurus over there also struggled before they reached the stage they are in now.They worked hard to get what they have got with adsense.

Realization of what is important is very important.Experimenting with adsense is important but within Google Adsense TOS.If you have Adsense on blogs going steady is important,it should be done consistently over a period of time,not a week's work in a single day.Most of people forget that people want new,fresh and latest content.

This is the biggest mantra for the SIX-figure bloggers.Present your visitors with useful content and keep it clean.Try interactivity to websites with polls,comments and forums.