Sunday, July 15, 2007

Are you blogging yet?

  • What to write

    Write what you know. Write what is relevant to your niche. Write about common problems and their solutions. Just like you would add articles to your website based on specific keywords, write posts to your blog according to your keywords list and maintain standard keyword density (3% to 5%).When wondering what to write on, treat your blog as your list of articles. Do you need to add a new article on a particular keyword? Then write about it!
  • Zero maintenance – almost

    As we saw earlier, a blog automates everything from internal linking to creating optimized pages. As such there is not much need for maintenance of your content . Other than that, there is no set barometer for how much, or how little, you want to customize your blog. Tools like Blog Rolling ( allow you to automate the process of maintaining links on your blog. Blogging services like Blogger let you automatically change blog templates through selecting a few options – all without actually changing the actual content. Similarly, there are many automated tools available for free that can help you maintain your blog.

  • Grow readership at will!

    Yes, that's the best part about maintaining a blog. All the link-building and traffic building techniques that I've been telling you about throughout this series applies directly to your blog, and like a website, it is quite possible to achieve high search engine rankings for your target keywords (provided, of course, that you follow all the right steps).