Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Adsense Premium....Not for ordinary publishers!

If your site receives more than 20 million page views a month or 5 million searches, you may be eligible for premium service, which includes:

• Customized revenue terms

• Flexible ad formats

• More robust filtering

• Assistance with site optimization

• Technical support from a sales engineer

• Business support from a dedicated account manager

• French, German, Spanish, Italian language options

Here is screenshot of the Google Adsense Premium login page:

Google adsense premium publisher have much more liberty than an ordinary publishers.They can promote the ads on gambling or related to casino websites whereas for ordinary publishers that would be the end of the day with Google Adsense. They are even allowed to use Google Adsense on mature pages.

Premium Adsense publishers are can remove the "ads by google" line and modify it according their choice.

Premium clients can design their own Adsense Ad formats with custom font sizes, styles and color schemes. They can change format according to their own choice, so they stand a better chance to generate better revenues than US. It the feature that can be most effective for making a fortune.