Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Checklist to consider before submitting sites to Google

Things worth considering before submitting websites to Google:

  • If you using Flash pages then you should have a text link from it before submitting because bots can not read flash pages.
  • The internal linking of the websites should work properly so that users and bots can easily spider your pages.
  • Make sure you get a good title tag for your websites. Having a good title tag is important because that will provide a good preview about the websites you have.
  • Make sure you have a Good meta-tag. Meta tags do not affect your rankings on Google but having a good meta tag would hurt either.
  • Check your alt tags. Google can not read images so providing a alt tag for your images can help.
  • Consider how often you update your content. Its believed that Google indexes popular pages with frequently updated content more often. How often do you update your content?
  • Make sure you have robots.txt file on your site if you do not want pages to be indexed by Google. People with similar content on web pages at different places on the website use this to avoid Google from thinking about spamming.