Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mega Google Adsense earners stratergy

Step 1: You need to target a very specific niche for a website. Something like “Online Advertising” is a perfect example.

Step 2: You need to set up a website just for this niche with a domain name that ideally has the niche phrase in the name. Example: .com.

Step 3: You need to have a website that has content about your niche that humans,and search engine spiders, will want. Your website must also have AdSense ads strategically placed so that visitors will be likely to click on your ads. Scraping search engine results and creating thousands of useless spam pages is not likely to very well anymore. The days of easy money are over.

Step 4: You need to get organic traffic to you website. This means free traffic. This means people click on links to your site willfully and repeatedly because they find the information on your site useful.

Step 5: You need to get the search engines and other search directories to know your
site and your individual pages exist.

Once you do steps 1-5 above, you simply need to repeat these steps with different
niches to start building a network of money-making, passive income sites. The secret is quantity and quality. One without the other simply does not work when it comes to generating substantial AdSense income. The pros focus on both quality and quantity. You should too.


Aaron said...

Great post Andy. I Definitely agree that you have to create content that both humans and search engine spiders will consume. And organic traffic is also very important in the success of your blog as it counterbalances the traffic that you pay for.

Are you going to Vegas in November for Postiecon? It's the blogging conference where the pros share their secrets and tips such as you have listed.

Thanks again for the post!

Anonymous said...

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