Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rocketing to Google's top pages

Getting links serves many purposes. For many it would be like getting a share of other's people traffic by getting a link from them. But as you would many of the SEO experts over there, One of the main purpose of link exchange from the high traffic sites or any website for that matter is getting top search engine rankings.

For me the primary purpose of the link exchange would be looking at a long term Goal of better Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo and msn that account for more than 80 percent of the search traffic. Although some would say that getting links back from other sites do bring traffic to website and increase promotion but if you were to rank high in Google that would amount to insane amount of web-traffic as compared to traffic from other websites.

Although both the same process of bringing traffic, the reasons for which websites do link-exchange from similar websites or high traffic websites are :

  • If it's a new site ,they will get your site crawled into the top search engines and put your site indexed in lot lesser time than it would actually take for search engines if you were to do it manually.
  • The back links help a site rank well for the specified term, So getting back links for the term which you are targeting is important for ranking well. The anchor text should always be kept in mind for doing SEO.