Sunday, July 15, 2007

Google Adsense Terms and Conditions (TOS)

Review of few Google Adsense (TOS) :

  • Don't modify Google adsense Code: Google makes it absolutely clear that modification of the javascript provided by them might lead to serious consequences. You should accept the code as it and paste it on your pages. There are many options for the adsense publishers to change the colours and the formats which give them enough flexibility to find the right choice for their website. They have got one of the best collection of ads present in the PPC world today and with the advent of picture, video and text ads. There is enough for everyone.

  • Clicking on your own ads is PROHIBITED: Clicking on your ads for any reason is unaccepted by them.Google lays it out that the Publisher should click on their own ads. So, even if you find the ads on your worth looking at. You would have to constrain yourself from clicking it. They also layout that giving incentives to others for clicking or using Paid-to-Click promotions or generation of click by automated techniques counts against you and might lead to permanent termination of the Google Adsense account.

  • Before applying to Google Adsense, website should be complete in all respects: You should make sure your website provides some value to the visitors and should contain prohibited content such as profanity, gambling or any other topic classified as objectionable content by them. Your website should contain excessive ads. Although, in recent times google prohibits (MFA's) Made-For-Adsense websites.Make the website upto the scratch before applying for Google Adsense.